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Hair Transplants for Men & Women

Here at the hair clinic we specialise in FUE hair transplants. FUE transplants or follicular unit extraction is a specialised method of transplantation. A highly experienced doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area which are resistant to future hair loss. These individual follicles are then transplanted into the areas where they are required.

FUE differs from other transplant methods in that it leaves no linear visible scars. As each individual follicle is tiny this method allows you to continue to wear your hair in a short style. This is something that we feel is unique as the evidence of any procedure heals quickly and allows you to carry on as normal once the procedure is carried out.

Your donor hairs are a finite resource and the upmost care is taken to safeguard each hair to make sure you receive the best possible outcome and no hairs are wasted in the process.

We urge our clients to go with the best clinic possible as a poor transplant could leave you in a worse position than pre-transplant. A poor transplant is worse than no transplant at all and can lead to complications trying to rectify it.

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Amazing results. No evidence of procedure being carried out.
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Healing process is very quick. Minimal time required off work.
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Carried out by highest trained doctors.
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High profile clients.
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Taken from consultation to treatment by trained medical professionals.
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Aftercare and maintenance fully explained to get the most from the procedure.

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