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Revolutionary male and female hair-loss treatments

At The Hair Clinic UK, we are experts in all thing’s hair and scalp. We provide a range of solutions to help you combat hair loss or any scalp conditions, including Hair Replacement Systems for men & women, Laser Therapy, FUE hair transplants, Trichology and Diagnosis services. Click on a solution below to see how we can help

Get your confidence back with The Hair Clinic UK

Here at the hair clinic UK we understand how difficult it can be going through hair loss. Our aim is to provide each individual client with the best possible results and help you get your confidence back!

Private Consultations & Treatment Rooms
Here at the hair clinic UK we believe privacy and peace of mind is paramount. That’s why we have three completely private consultation and treatment rooms giving you complete peace of mind.
Friendly, Qualified Medical Staff
All our staff are trained to an exceptionally high level reaching the peak of the hair loss industry. We take education seriously and want to give our clients the most up to date information to help them achieve the best possible results.
1-Hour Non-Surgical Treatments
With some of our treatments you can easily fit in a visit to the clinic around a busy schedule.
Expert Trichology Advice
Our resident trichologist will be sure to give you a swift medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Taking all medical and lifestyle elements into consideration.
Wales' Number 1 Hair Clinic
We pride ourselves on being the only multi-faceted treatment clinic in Wales. As well as having the highest trained staff available.
Wide Range of Treatments
We provide a wide range of treatments so we can provide clients with a specific treatment plan providing you with the best possible outcome.

Transform your appearance & boost your confidence today

At the Hair Clinic UK our core value is that we believe that everyone should be able to feel confidence in themselves. That’s why we’ve brought together all the available treatments to get you feeling you again.

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